Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Brampton Boneheads

Lovingly penned by Bryan in Brampton

I graduated from commuting by GO Train some time ago, but I still enjoy your site immensely, and in some small way it makes me miss the adventures of commuting by rail.

As I live in the west, I don't know of the joys of parking in Oshawa, but the Brampton GO lots must rank pretty high on the 'parking anarchy' scale. I was cruising through one of the satellite lots today (which is notorious for creative parking) and encountered this bonehead parking job. Not only do we have a brave Toyota steadfastly parked in no-man's-land, we have a SECOND parker in the Nissan who felt it necessary to do away with tact altogether and park in the damned laneway -- not only preventing anything larger than a vespa to creep by, but also creating issues for the cars parked across from this dolt.

I see the GestapGO ticketing cars every few days, but I think they need to start towing in order for people to get the message.


Marion said...

finally someone addressed this! Parking at Bramalea and Brampton has become so creative

Matt said...

I take the train from Bramalea. I don't find the parking donkeys to be such a problem, as are the drivers who treat the lot (both the North and South lots) like it's the Honda Indy in the evening. Watching drivers squeal tires and blow stop signs while doing 40km/h in a parking lot with pedestrians jogging to their cars makes me say out loud at least once a week "Someone is going to die here before GO does anything to address this problem."

C.J. Smith said...

I am telling you, the day will come when we will all pay (literally) for this stupidity.

Throw a fee in to park, with an attendent who can ticket/tow, and the problems could be less.

However, that's my fear, that all these issues won't be addressed through enforcement but through a parking charge. We pay enough.

I just wish people would behave, carpool or try to get to the station by bus to alleviate the parking congestion.

As for the idiotic driving, I concur, one day someone will die and maybe that will be the trigger the need for parking monitors.

Bryan from Brampton said...

Hi... Bryan from Brampton here,

Bramalea is nothing compared to Brampton. Leave about 30 minutes early one morning and take the train from one stop west, and you'll see what I'm talking about.

They have expanded parking like crazy, even built a whole new station (Mount Pleasant) to take the overflow, but people still insist on parking like retarded donkeys. Negoitating any of the parking lots, especially the "Dominion Skate" lot is impossible if you're in anything wider than a Smart Car.

GO Transit seems more interested in telling railfans to move along than enforcing parking more than a meaningless ticket, which most people see as the price of parking. Install bollards, or start towing. Brampton's full of hungry towing companies who would fight tooth and nail for the contract.