Thursday, March 24, 2011

Because no one should have to ask you to move your sh*t

I took this on the 17:53 LSE (today). She took her feet down when her quad filled (minus the bag on the seat) and only removed her bag when a person made her move it.

- Martina
A few years ago, during winter, this woman got on the train I was on and the only available seat was one where a young guy had propped his dirty wet boots up on. She pulled a few Kleenexes from her purse and made him clean the seat for her. He did and then promptly left the car, climbing over people to do so. If he was embarrassed, it was warranted. You're not at some campsite, sitting on a log and you're not the only person on the train, so have some respect.

Speaking of campsites ... It's time for some fire.

With marshmallows.

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Allison said...

oh my goawd. it's like all my fantasies in motion. just found your site this morning. love love love