Sunday, March 27, 2011

What's green, looks like Pac Man and answers to Leana?

Below is a text exchange I had this evening with a person claiming to be the sister of my logo's left Pac Mac image. I'll call her PMS (as in Pac Man's sister) for short.

My replies are in green.

PMS: u made my sister cry

sorry, who are you talking about?

PMS: you know who i mean. this is cj right?

damn, my crystal ball's in the shop so you're gonna have to help me out here. describe her

PMS: don't f*ck around. i mean leana

omg. really? look i don't have time for prank texts

PMS: i'm pretty serious

and i'm pretty sure this is just someone being randomly juvenile

PMS: ha, look whose talking

PMS: u like to talk a lit of shit

hey, that rhymed

you're like a rapper or something

let me guess, next you'll tell me to step off or let it slide, right?

PMS: just leave my sister alone and stop people talking shit about her

don't you mean talking smack?

PMS: don't make me mad. i'll find out what train you ride and come talk to you personally

oh, like a real man should do?

PMS: haha, you're so stupid. i'm a woman

er, right... the site's anonymous anyway, no one knows who she is.

PMS: she linked in on her facebook

ok. and that's my problem, because ... ?

PMS: it just is

How old is your sister?

PMS: 21

and she used her real name (first name) on the internet and then linked a site where she wrote a comment on her facebook account where people she knows would know she wrote it

PMS: so?

oh snap, is this about the logo? (Background here for those who are new)

PMS: her friends are now linking it and relinking it. people she doesn't even know are giving her a hard time

i still don't understand how this is my problem

PMS: you need to take your site down

excuse me?

PMS: you need to shut it down or else i will consider legal action

sigh ... if i had a dollar for everytime i've heard that

does your sister look like a green pac man?

PMS: no. just shut it down.

listen, i don't have her last name. i don't have her photo. what exactly would you sue me for? for her error in judgment to link the site on facebook, actually identifying herself as the author of a comment and then when i use her name in a logo graphic, a first name i might add, on a picture that doesn't even resemble a human, this is now my problem?

PMS: yep

no, it's leana's problem, sorry

i didn't post the site to her facebook profile nor link it. the only person who leana should be upset with... is leana

PMS: whatever. i'll be speaking to a lawyer tomorrow.

awesome. make sure to have the lawyer call me. you have the number (obviously). i'll be availble during the lunch hour. 12 - 1. i'll be expecting that call. i won't appreciate having my time wasted while i make myself available for a conversation if it doesn't happen

by the way, i just checked and i can't find any evidence of facebook linking for the post in question in a single status update.


i honestly don't know why people like you bother ... get bent.


Peter said...

It never ceases to amaze me how today's youth feel they can say whatever they want and second, feel they should face no repercussions should they abuse a privilege, or that there are no consequences for their actions.

I have children close to her age who I hope, when not in my presence, do not demonstrate such an appalling sense of entitlement, let alone expect that God forbid, anyone disagree with them, such foul language and lack of respect.

Personally, I found the logo funny and do not feel it's a personal attack. It's impossible for it to be as it's all part and parcel of the site and the drama it creates. If you don't want to participate, don't comment, don't read the site and don't link it on a social network site. And don't expect, when the tables turn, and suddenly you find you've been "owned" that there's a magic reset button.

Dan-1 said...

Honestly, who gets their sister to fight their fights for them? Grow up and own up.

Like I said about that KP guy (KP who?), if one gets "owned" online the best thing to do is either quietly fess up and admit it, or lie low and eventually it'll all be forgotten about. Don't threaten to get your sister to sue the website or take legal action. Don't post it on your facebook looking for sympathy and saying how everyone is being mean to you. Don't keep calling people a-holes online because the majority doesn't agree with you. And if you make a fool of yourself because of what you post, don't go crying or swearing to the owner to make it all go away. Take some responsibility for what you post online.

CJ takes time out of her day to post on this site for the humour of many of us who take GO and we appreciate her effort. She's not posting anyone's last name, address, phone number, license plate number, or any other details that would make it easy to identify someone out of the hoards of GO riders at Union Station.

C.J. Smith said...

Dammit, Dan-1, I was just putting the finishing touches on my Leana "WANTED" poster and then you go and ruin it!


warren m. said...

these people make me want to drink, they so ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brittany!
Why are you using your real name? Oh, and how to I know it's you?


Ali said...

I think Leana and Britney have mental issues (no joke!)

Todd said...

I love her incredible debating skills and use of logic when she explains why it's CJ's problem: "it just is". I mean how can you argue with that. I would love to hear one of our federal leaders give that as a response to a question.

C.J. Smith said...



Al said...

So umh........

After all that what did the lawyer say?

C.J. Smith said...

Well, guess who didn't call.

Quelle surprise!

kary said...

People really like to throw the lawyer word around.
Especially people who sound like they can't afford one.

C.J. Smith said...

Funny, Kary, cause it's true!