Friday, February 28, 2014

Chainsaw "GO" man is back

In consideration of the feedback I received over the new site skin, I have made some adjustments.

People missed the "GO guy". He'e back and wielding his trusty chainsaw. I have to admit, I missed him as well. He joins my favourite internet meme on the banner.

I've addressed the "slowness" of the site and attributed it to the background image. It's gone and replaced with a grey colour.

A few folks suggested I "pink up" the site to compliment "feet off the seats guy" and I agreed. It looks much better.

Thanks for the input guys!


Anonymous said...

This is so much better - it updates it but retains some of the old site. Thanks for listening!

Michael Suddard said...

Was actually in here with the hot pink background thinking my eyes were going to fall out.

I thought perhaps maybe the page didn't load correctly. I refreshed and found a new post and the hot pink background gonzo! Thanks!

Bicky said...

Looks good. You've got mad design skills. *envious*

Anonymous said...

My old eyes thank you so much for the muted background. :)


Sylv said...

Definitely faster! Thanks :)