Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Metrolinx tells Toronto Star Presto account problems have been resolved

All but three of the first 29 reader complaints that we sent along to the transit authority have been fixed, Metrolinx says.

The Toronto Star

When it comes to fixing complaints from Presto fare card customers passed along to it by the media, Metrolinx is the champ.
But if it was as diligent about resolving them sooner, the dozens of problems with Presto cards, accounts and customer service that readers told us about would never have come our way.
My own problem with PRESTO and being charged an extra penny in fare has also been resolved. I will outline what happened in a new chapter of a Presto Chronicle later in the week. I am satisfied with the answer and very impressed with how GO Transit, after the first initial contact from PRESTO, handled the issue. 

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