Thursday, February 27, 2014

This Crazy Train 4th Anniversary: Cj's Top 10 Favourite Posts


Douche is back

Laptop Perdido


I know very little about Fashion

Wanna buy a watch?

If I had a rocket launcher

Dog Poop

Olympic Sprint

Inappropriate GO Train Guy


Peter said...

Happy 4th anniversary, CJ! Thank you for bringing humour to our daily commutes. Your hard work does not GO unnoticed. ;-)

Squiggles said...

Happy Anniversary! And thanks for 4 years of the funnies.

I am also absolutely thrilled that my all-time favourite post made this list. It is one that I bookmarked and go back to read when I am have one of *those* days.

C.J. Smith said...


Drumstick said...

My fav post was the one where you used the lyrics to Bust-A-Move to chat with a young man over text that was nervous about saying Hi to his GO crush!

That was one of my favorite songs back in the day and I was laughing so hard reading the text exchange!!

C.J. Smith said...

Hey Drumstick!
That one was a strong contender.
For laughs, here's the link In the city ladies look pretty

Fusk said...

I just read every one of these again and am still laughing to myself. So awesome!

Bicky said...

Happy 4th Anniversary!

Haven't had time to reminisce through them all. But there are some classics for sure.

Bicky said...

Okay, just went through them. KP ranks high with me. And Laptop Perdido is good too. And poor Sara. I wonder if she still sleeps hard on the train?

I also enjoyed re-reading what I said in the comments.

Good times.