Monday, February 24, 2014

Oh those poor Americans - so much drama - reduced train service due to weather akin to "fall of Saigon"

Apparently riding the Metro-North from suburbs as far away as Connecticut to downtown Manhattan is so bad, hitching a ride with a serial killer to work is a better alternative, according to middle class passengers who complained to Newsweek about the deplorable commute. Bad weather often results in a 60% reduction in service and some trains are repaired using only duct tape.

And you thought we had it bad! GO Transit is the high-end limousine of commuter trains it seems.

According to its customers, Metro-North is a nightmare of bad service, outdated equipment and derelict coaches.

After reading the article, I feel a tiny bit bad for the times I felt sore at GO Transit for losing heat temporarily in a coach, only to find it fixed the next day.

For those who commute into Manhattan from tony Greenwich, many expressed their service is best suited to a third world country.

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Squiggles said...

Wow. With all the problems that plague GO, at least no one has died (unless they chose to leave this mortal coil by train).

I still think we need to keep in contact with GO/Metrolinx and let them know when things are not right, when things go wrong, the lack of communications, etc. If only because we do NOT want it to get as bad as what has been described in that article.

C.J. Smith said...

Of course we still need to. We are still paying passengers who should not feel bad about having expectations of service or comfort.

George said...

Geez I hope some heads roll at that rail service company.

Those commuters have every right to be angry and to display their anger. Looks like civility towards the rail managers didn't wotk before so I would imagine it wouldn't work in the future. GO will never get to that condition.

I'm heading for NYC next month so I may check out that railroad without riding it of course.

Michael Suddard said...

The MTA system is plagued by issues.

I used to live in Brooklyn just across the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan.

I used to take the subway daily to work in Queens. Every single one of the 200+ subway stations had their own distinct odour with none of it pleasant. Along with paint pealing and grime, it made the TTC subway system look spic and span after a days use.

The fact that there are issues doesn't surprise me as the MTA usually fails to receive the money it requires from the member states (Connecticut, New York and others) to operate correctly.

Squiggles said...

So I saw this today:

Apparently the fun on that line is still happening and the employees are getting frustrated.