Thursday, February 20, 2014

Even in a GO station parking garage them donkeys still can't fit between them pesky lines

- Lovingly submitted by LP

Now hang on, yes, it is highly plausible that a Grave Digger-like monster truck was parked next to this person originally, which forced this driver to park as far over as he did, but I'm feeling pretty skeptical.


Anonymous said...

Park and runs are my favorite kinds of donkeys.

Anonymous said...

ok so last week I parked next to a douche that did this exact same parking job, I squeezed my 4 door sedan in beside him and though it was a tight fit it wasn't too close to his/her car and the last spot within a decent radius of the GO station. I surveyed the car, even thought of snapping a picture for you, because it was perfectly visible where the lines were and there was a huge space left beside the car on the other side so no excuse. So this douche wrote in the dirt of my car an unmentionable lol, ya I guess I was one that day lol but how did he/she not recognize they were the real a-hole? I laughed it off, and warning to anyone that parks like this I will do it again because I am driving a car that is old and I don't really care.

Skin Man said...

^ me too! I love getting my tiny beater of a car right beside this asshats so they have to go through the passenger door.

George said...

I see this all the time in the Oakville garage.

I parked on level 5 one day just for the heck of it and there were 4 cars taking up 9 spaces all in a row, probably on purpose. The good thing was all had tickets on the windshields with a tow warning attached to it.

They weren't even high end cars either.

Mary said...

haha this is awesome, the parking lot at my local Starsky's is full of donkeys like this!