Thursday, February 6, 2014

Only 20 emails? Jack, I've got you beat (149 and counting...)

Plenty of problems with Presto cards, transit riders say: Fixer

From the Toronto Star website

(The) Monday column detailed the woes of a Presto user who battled GO Transit for months over an account balance far greater than the amount that appeared when he tapped his card on a reader.
He was credited with the correct amount after we talked to Metrolinx, which operates Presto and GO, but it prompted about 20 emails from readers with similar problems.
They also reported balances that were less than the actual amount in their accounts, cash top-ups that disappeared, readers that wouldn’t work and customer service staff that were unable to resolve problems.


Anonymous said...

Can Presto do anything right?

Once Washington DC that purchased this technology, finds out the glitches, well...... there will probably be some federal investigations going on.

April said...

Every system has glitches, but what pisses me off is that we were FORCED to use Presto. We don't have a choice between monthly passes and Presto cards anymore. But they can't get Presto working right to save their lives.

If you are going to force people to use something, at least make sure it works.

MATT said...

From the article:

Harrison complained to Presto that she didn’t go to Niagara Falls, but was told “the rules are the rules” and she’d have to pay. She said she no longer uses Presto.


Wait...what? The rules are the rules? What the hell does that mean? One time I forgot to tap off and was charged a 1-way trip to Kitchener; I simply complained and got a credit voucher for the difference of the trip.

C.J. Smith said...

I was surprised with that one as well Matt. I haven't been fed that line. GO Transit has been very forthcoming with helping passengers who have been ripped off.