Thursday, February 27, 2014


This just happened... just now, while I am on the bus.

After the Presto woes I've had, I sure hope I'm not expected to shell out $6 to replace it. I don't even know if it will tap off!

What a shitty anniversary gift. Somewhere in the Presto office, someone is screaming, "Yeah! KARMA BABY! YEAH!"


Michael Suddard said...

You're in tough....

Here in Ottawa last year the Ottawa Citizen's City Hall reporter David Reevely reported via social media (twitter?) he had a card crack. He had to pay to replace it even though it hadn't expired yet.

The funny part is he mirrors a lot of people at city hall including the Mayor who also has a Presto card.

This is obviously an issue that will have to be looked into.

When you crack a bank card do you have to pay to have it replaced? I don't think so!

Unknown said...

CJ, How old is your Presto card? I've had my card since May 1,2010 when Presto became available to the public.

Peter said...

How did that happen? I saw one last summer that had taken a trip through the washer and drier; it looked a little mangled. Even though the PRESTO card still worked, everyone on the bus advised the young lady to replace it ASAP.

Bicky said...

Oh, crap on a cracker.... that sucks. How did that happen?

And most importantly, did it tap off?

Anonymous said...

In Washington DC with their Smarttrip card, cardholders can get a replacement for free. I hope Presto wont screw this up on a PR note and just replace your card, no questions asked

C.J. Smith said...

I've never cracked a bank card. In fact, I've never had this happen to ANY card including a library card. And no, I don't think TD would ask me to pay for a new card.
It did not tap off.
I tweeted GO who says I have to pay replace it.
This is my second card in three years. This one is probably 13 months old. My previous card was pick-pocketed from my wallet.
I take care of my stuff. It's not like I was scooping ice cream with it.
I'm off work Friday. I'll see what can be done at Oshawa GO tomorrow afternoon.

Nahid said...

When my Presto Card stopped working after 2 years, I couldn't believe that the CSRs at Union Station had the nerve to tell me I had to pay for a new one. The guy actually said to me that, "We do not have any promotions going on right now so you need to pay for a new card." After asking to speak to a manager, the CSR finally said he would give me a free card on two conditions:

1) I load a minimum of $10 on the new card
2) I surrender my defective card to the CSR.

I didn't feel like arguing anymore so I just put $10 on a new card.

Peter said...

[sniff, sniff] Is that Chapter 28 of the PRESTO Chronicles I smell cooking?

Anonymous said...

The only thing that can be done is purchase a new card for the six dollars issuance fee, load the minimum on the card, wait 24 hours to call PRESTO, have them transfer the balance from the card to the new card, then wait up to ANOTHER 24 hours for that money to be transferred over.

Yippie,,,, since its a "visible damaged card" there isn't much more that can be done. Its happened to me. :(

Sylv said...

Presto machines can't (or at least couldn't - they seem to work this winter) handle the cold, now the cards appear to need an upgrade to withstand the cold.

C.J. Smith said...

I have no expectations. Luckily I hadn't loaded the funds for March yet and only have $15 left in the epurse for this broken card.

Squiggles said...

What a mess. But then again, they need to find a way to make is pay for this bass-ackward system anyway they can.

Guess I'll be spending some time this weekend figuring out a way to make my card more safe and secure.

Michael Suddard said...

C.J. check to see if there a promotions going on in Durham. I know York Region Transit (YRT) has free card events when you load money on the e-purse.

See if you can luck out with Durham Region Transit (DRT) or GO Transit doing something.

Buried in my tweets to you yesterday while I was doing research on your case, I found @prestocard does mention there is a warranty on the Presto Cards for a limited time. But this obviously doesn't count towards cracked cards :(

So if you have a defective card, minus the crack, you may be good to go on an exchange.

Al said...

I heard from someone once that their friend had cut the card and removed the small "twist tie" like piece of metal that carries the RF signal and placed that in thier cell phone case so they would have to dig through thier wallet to tap. It worked but when the inspectors came by and asked him to tap his card, then asked him to remove his card from the cell phone case and realized he did not even have a card, he was fined for destroying the card. You must have damaged the metal strip. probably due to the cold the card snapped. obviously more brittle at cold temps. Hope you dont have to pay.

Four Seasons said...

for you CJ~