Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Isn't it amazing how snow causes so much chaos in a GO Station parking lot?

Spots were available during last Wednesday's massive dump (I know this post isn't timely but I told y'all, I collect stories ...) but these two donkeys at the Appleby station decided parking in the thoroughfare was better than in a spot.

Buy boots and walk through the snow like real Canadians do, you donkeys!

According to Amanda who snapped these pics, both drivers would have had to conduct 27-point turns to get their cars out but at least they had little distance to cover to get to the train platform.

I swear, just when I thought I had found the parking donkeys' leader, this happens.

No vehicles could get around these two. They blocked the roadway.

And this week, long after Appleby GO had been plowed, this happened.


Anonymous said...

I swear if parking donkeys continue to do this if GO makes us pay for parking, someones getting an axe to the face lol, or a nice dent to the door.

Peter said...

Phone GO Transit Safety Dispatch 1-877-297-0642 or 905-803-0642 and get those vehicles ticketed and towed.

Squiggles said...

The bottom one isn't that bad. As long as the lines were not visible before s/he parked. If at least one was visible, no excuse.

Anonymous said...

I love driving an old car in cases like this, I have no mercy on shiny cars that park like idiots...ooops did my door hit your car?

MATT said...

Unless this Toyota in the bottom photo was one of the FIRST cars in the lot, there should have been some cars to use as distance markers to appropriately space a parking job, leaving ample room to the left and/or right (and if it was one of the first, there would have been hundreds of spots to choose from, making parking properly, easy). I don't need lines to know what 18-24" on either side of my car looks like, or where the end of a row begins.

This driver is just lazy.

Anonymous said...

I nearly spat my coffee out at the first comment. AWESOME! That's how I feel somedays. You just can't fix stupid, can you?! lolol

Anonymous said...

I had just thought about this stuff myself a couple of days ago at Appleby. As I walked from my car to the platform, I saw a couple of cars parked incredibly stupidly in the curb row. Everyone is parked fine and then BOOM, some idiot parked four feet away from the next car and therefore taking valuable extra space in the south lot. I saw two cars like this. And the south lot is completely full which means someone who intended to park there now has to go all the way back to Fairview to Appleby to Harvester and then use overflow lot to the north and miss the train they wanted to take.

And those cars weren't left there overnight either because it snowed the previous night but their cars were cleared.

Anonymous said...

You know what I do when I can't see the yellow lines to park properly?

If I'm not being lazy, I get out of my car and kick at the snow to see at least a portion of one line and then guess my way in.

If I'm lazy, I drive back and forth until I can see the line, then park.

It frustrates me to know end that yet another parking spot can't be used because of this lazy jackarse.

Anonymous said...

At my station there is signage for tow truck telephone nos.
People should start calling since GO ain't ticketing/towing.