Monday, February 10, 2014

Give me a B- cough... Give me an R- hack, hack... Give me an-O ... cough gag, grab puffer

With bronchitis, you're lucky if you can finish a sentence without coughing up what's left of your lungs.

I started with a sinus infection and cold two weekends ago. I got over it (so I thought) and Tuesday I started having a dry cough. Then the cough got worse, my lungs failed and I wound up being back on all my puffers Friday night and suffered all weekend.

Asthma, you are a bitch.


Lori said...

I saw bronchitis and instantly thought of Sweet Brown "ain't nobody got time for that!"

Michael Suddard said...

My wife got the cold going around Friday January 31st. I had the start of it, but it left Saturday Feb 1st. Fast forward until afternoon of Wednesday Feb 5th and I have the cold again.

How is that even possible? After battling Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday through it, I feel much better.

Biggest tip: Sore or scratchy throat? Gargle with mouthwash (tastes a lot $#%*ing better than salt water) and chew gum, preferably peppermint as it helps remove that awesome taste in your mouth.

Squiggles said...

Feel better soon!

Been there, done that so completely understand the ickiness that awaits.

MATT said...

Sinus infections are the worst. I had one that would only cause real problems at night. No amount of decongestant or nasal spray would work, and as soon as I tried to go to bed my sinuses would fully block up. I have a CPAP which made using that impossible for almost a week. My wife was ready to kill (for anyone who uses, or has a partner that uses a CPAP, you will understand).

Hope you are better today.

C.J. Smith said...

CPAP - please, I fucking hate it and yes, can't use it right now

SINUS - can kiss my ass

Am I miserable? YES. Do I have time for this? NOPE

There were a lot of people sick at my office. I blame them all.

This is a huge setback for me and puts a huge dent in my exercise but, I have to rest, get better and then continue kicking ass.

C.J. Smith said...

I will try that for the itchy palette. Good tip!

Four Seasons said...

I've been sick too, sigh.
Had to take 2 sick days last week and went to work on Friday coughing like crazy still. But after the weekend, much better. Still got a bit of the sinuses and throat still hurts a bit but at least I can talk.

Sylv said...

Ugh! Get better soon!

Bicky said...

Bah! Feel better soon.

Four Seasons said...

Here you go Cindy: