Thursday, April 2, 2015

Why did it take shaming to deal with TTC cop violence? - Toronto Star

The two transit officers involved in a late-night punch-up with a couple of men Jan. 29 are still “very much employed” by the TTC, CEO Andy Byford says.

They were placed on administrative detail on Tuesday pending a police investigation, but until then they were still actively patrolling the system.

According to Byford, the transit system…


outburst said...

My biggest issue with it is the video shows a clear difference in skills and probably training between the city cops and the TTC cops. Within seconds of showing up the city cops had the guys on the ground and restrained. The TTC cops were wrestling and boxing with these guys for six minutes.
That's the problem, these guys need more training not a pat on the back for handling the situation very poorly.

vrs said...

Thr city cops got the guys in the ground so quickly because the two guys understood who the cops were and what their job is. Towards the end of the video you can hear one of the guys mention "the security guy" a couple of times. Neither of them understood that the TTC guys are. also, the coops didn't exactly calm things down right away. It took 3 people to get the son settled down.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the news only aired the video footage from passerby's cellphones and you don't get the whole picture leading up to the incident. Would this altercation even be news worthy if it hadn't been caught on tape?
Nice though for people to stand around and tape it and not intervene. Good on society again!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't one part of the video clearly show the TTC officer being held & punched, 1 v 5? Then the next thing we see (poor editing) is a different TTC officer holding the guy that punched the other officer, then that same guy goes to grab the Officer's neck, that is when the Officer throws three quick punches. Why? he has no alternative, can't grab a Baton, Spray, Radio, can't even grab him to wrestle to the ground. It's a very hostile environment full of Drunks!!.
But of coarse, everyone's filter blocks out the drunk idiot and focuses only on the "City paid employee"

Phil McCrakin