Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Occasionally, I see the same three people who read the Bible daily.

I often wonder about that. I only ever read it once. It took all of my Grade 10 and 11 theology classes to get through it. I don't remember it being a real page-turner. (Oh, I know I am going to burn in hell for that ... )

The Bible hasn't changed in thousands of years and unless there's an alternate ending I don't know about, I'm intrigued by those who read it over and over.

I have a five year old who watches the movies the same way. And an 89 year old grandmother.


TomW said...

I read Lord of the Rings (shorted than the Bible) once a year for ten years, and I still kept finding new things. The Bible is a lot more complex, so I can easily see people re-reading it.

Or maybe they've never read it all.

J. Thomas Hunter said...

I've never read the Bible from cover to cover. You're right, some parts are far from exciting. But, along the lines of what TomW said, there have been parts of the Bible that I have read as a youth and upon reading them as an adult have discovered new messages and new ways to apply the lessons. Maybe that's why you're finding people reading and re-reading it.

Or maybe they're reading a comic book in front the Bible. ;-)

Anonymous said...

There's a guy who rides my train who's a little odd. He's always by himself, but one day he was with a lady and he started reading the bible out loud to her on the train. Luckily for the rest of us heathens who didn't want to hear scripture first thing in the morning, she started whining and threatened to move to another car if he didn't stop. lol

Anonymous said...

I would have dropped to the floor and started yelling "It burns! It burns!"