Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oshawa 4:10

What the hell was that?

No seriously ... what the hell?

On the first car, lower level, there was a group of 7 people who clearly failed to realize that many of us didn't give a rat's bum about their lame jokes. The speaking volume was ridiculous ... and the yelling!

I can understand the joy of having train friends but for god's sake, some of us are trying to read. I found myself reading the same paragraph over and over because the obnoxious laughter kept breaking my concentration.

As we pulled into Oshawa, this same group then stood in a crowd at the doors continuing their boisterous ear-splitting volume of discussion and laughter.

The poor woman beside me was so annoyed, I could feel the steam from her ears. When I asked her if it was like this everyday, she said yes.

Good god.

Someone better hide the tools.


RonNasty said...

Whatever happened to the bar car? People like that would gravitate there, leaving the rest of us alone.

mary said...

I hate the 4:10 crowed period.