Friday, May 21, 2010

Not ridin' dirty

Yesterday I took the day off and took my kid to the zoo.
Holy crap. I had no idea it was going to be that warm.

Today I am working from home and with the long weekend upon us, there won't be any stories til Tuesday.

Keep those pictures coming!

Have a nice long weekend you dirty turnips!


Liz said...

This isn't about riding on the train but the other day went to the mall to pay for a license sticker at one of the service Canada machines. I had 2 kids with me ages 3 and almost 1 and I didn't bring the stroller with me because it was going to be a short trip. At one point, I had to run back to the car with both the children to get insurance papers but wanted to just have them sit for a minute, on a bench, so that I could sort out my papers. There were two benches close to the entrance. One was occupied by 2 senior ladies chatting with a 3rd lady sitting on the other bench. This third lady had the rest of her bench blocked by her shopping cart - that was holding her cane. I looked at all the ladies but no response. I looked back and forth and even told my 3 year old to old on because I was about to drop the younger one but NOTHING HAPPENED! She didn't move the cart and they didn't even stop their conversation. I know they saw me. They made eye contact with me several times. I put the baby on the bench anyway on the other side of the cart - and still nothing! I couldn't believe it. I took a photo but can't find the cord to dl to my laptop!

C.J. Smith said...

Considering all of these ladies are from a generation where common courtesy was the norm, I find their behaviour appalling and shocking. I would have also chewed all 3 of them out.

Liz said...

I wish you were there too! Let's patrol local mall hangouts of seniors.