Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thanks, you're *awesome*

I got called a cow this evening.

Apparently I failed to realize it's my job to hold the doors open at Union Station for people three metres behind me when I'm hauling ass to catch a train.

I'm serious. I was halfway up the stairs when this woman stormed past me and said, "Thanks for holding the door open for me, you cow."

She didn't even stick around for me to answer. There was no one else on the stairs at that point except for me and she leaned right into me to say it as she passed me.

I was too stunned to reply. I never saw her and I most certainly will hold a door open for someone who I know is immediately behind me.

I'm a magnet for this stuff. I swear.


Monique said...


She's lucky it wasn't me she was talking to.

Jenn Jilks said...

I always wish I could have thought of the perfect thing to say at the time... fodder for blogger!

TomW said...

I wasn't aware you could hold the doros open... I thought they just closed around your arm.