Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Transit affair

I'm encouraged on a daily basis to read TO Night for the Shout Outs, but I don't.

I don't want to taint what I do here nor do I want to be accused of stealing an idea. (Already got an email to that regard).

According to a few train buddies, there are several people who carry on GO train affairs. I did overhear two people once tell another rider that they were each other's train spouses.

I once saw a woman kiss a man who I know wasn't her husband because he was at the station waiting in a car to pick her up.

But what's so threatening about someone being attracted to someone they see each day? Like me and Chapstick Man. I look for him everyday. It doesn't mean I plan on doing anything about it. Yet, when discussing this with another rider, she got so worked up over what I think is pretty innocent. How am I cheating on my husband because I enjoy watching another man slather on chapstick?

By the way, I received an email today from a woman whose email address was "". I just hope you don't send resumes from that address.

I bet Jill is now wondering who the hell Chapstick man is.


Anonymous said...

If you're attracted to any other person other than the person who put the ring on your finger, you're cheating!

Anonymous said...

I'm attracted to Brad Pitt but that doesn't mean I'm cheating on my husband. Talk about closed minded.

Jill said...

Sorry, I'm just catching up on the blog.

Who is Chapstick Man... You're going to have to point him out!

You rock GIRL!