Tuesday, September 28, 2010


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Hi. I'm coming in from Richmond Hill. The woman next to me is carrying a turtle.

Me: Cool!? Can you get a photo?

I can try.

Me: If you can't, don't sweat it.

I've never used this feature on my phone. She has the turtle in a glad container with the lid off.

Me: Maybe she's a biologist

I think you're thinking of frogs.

Me: Er ... ?

Like in high school when we had to take frogs apart.

Me: I dunno about you but we never used frogs as Lego in my high school.

You're funny. I know what you're doing here.

Me: What?

Trying to make me look dumb

Me: Never. Can you manage a photo?

I can't get it to work

Me: Okay, no worries

I never seen anyone carry a turtle before

Me: Maybe it's a seeing-eye turtle? Does it have a leash?

Ha ha. No. That's too funny. She's probably a teacher or it's being given away.

Me: Or, she found it!


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maura said...

I finally decided to ask the lady why she had a turtle. She was bringing it back to a co-worker who had been on holidays.