Monday, November 1, 2010

Ron Burgundy tells pissed off GO commuter how it is

I started a conversation on the train on Saturday night with this Ron Burgundy wannabe.

This guy has a girlfriend in California, and he just moved back from university, after 4 yrs.... He was going to Pickering.... He also got in a fight with a guy who broke his finger. (Background: There was a train that unfortunately, some person killed themselves in front of. This particular guy he fought with was on this train that this happened on, and he was 'traumatized' from waiting 3 hours on the train. He apparently was a witness).

So, the guy broke his finger, and was bitching about it to the customer service ambassador. Ron here says to the guy, "How about you be quiet until you get to Oshawa" and then the guy bitched about how the train ride was traumatizing etc, and he said "I don't wanna hear your bullshit. You're ruining my train ride. Get a cab in Oshawa to the hospital and shut up" .... all from a guy who could be mistaken for Guy Smiley!

from Stef via Facebook.
It's mind-numbingly crappy, especially those who were on their way to the Leafs game - to be stuck for three hours and miss the game - but until there comes a day when people don't jump in front of a train to end their lives, this is something we all have to be prepared for. Bitching about it won't make it go away. Yay, Ron Burgundy!

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