Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Working hard for the lie

A while ago, I alerted those of you who have been faithfully following since the summer about a transit scam that usually targets GO riders.

Zainab A. wrote in tonight to alert me of a similar scam that's not too far off from the original premise. To learn about the basics of this popular scam, the background is here.

Here's how it went down for Zainab:

I have my own story to contribute, not strictly on the GO or on the TTC but it was right in front of Union station.
A few nights ago a woman came up to me and a friend. Now, I'm not one to judge based on appearance, but this lady did not look how you say - sane.
She started telling us about how someone robbed her specifically of her GO ticket and wallet (she still had her backpack), and was asking for money home.
I told her why not go to the transit police inside the station and tell them you have just been mugged.
She responded with some utterly BS excuse.
I was suspicious and turned away saying no.
Up till this point she had been speaking in a high pitched voice, when I turned away she yelled out "well aren't YOU A BITCH!" in a faintly disturbing deep and manly voice.
Many a scary dream has been experienced since that day. 0_0

But seriously, do these scammers think we're stupid? Anyone could put two and two together... if you've been mugged, you don't ask people for money, you go to the police.
Exactly. Don't part with your hard-earned money folks. The only people you should be giving any money to at Union Station are the people who have cash registers near them.


TomW said...

If you think the person is serious, offer to take them into Union station and buy them a 1-ride or day pass (which are non-refundable).

Lionel said...

Nope, it's a scam.
I know the lady described by this person. She was outside Union a couple weeks back as well. Near the buses entry at Yonge.

TomW said...

I know that one is scam, but I was providing advice in case you do encounter a person in genuine need.

Anonymous said...

I met her outside a Union Station subway entrance. Against my better judgement, I gave her $20.

I saw her making the same pitch a few days later.

Ah well. Only donating to shelters and food banks from now on.

Anonymous said...

Yes this woman outside Union Station has been doing this regularly since at least June and is still pedalling the same story now as back then. One of my co-workers confronted her and she claims to just need money to eat but when I see her beligerently counting her money in the subway station I really don't feel sorry for her, regardless of why she's doing what she's doing.