Monday, November 29, 2010

There better be a million bucks in the trunk

Guy gets on at Ajax.
Strange sounds emit from his jacket pocket.
A few seconds pass before he clues in the sound belongs to him.
He pulls out a key ring and announces to us around him his car alarm has gone off.
This guy is panicked.
His hands actually start to shake as he calls his wife, who is still asleep and asks her if she wouldn't mind driving to the Ajax GO lot to make sure his car is okay.
He even provided explicit directions to where his car is parked.
I think she hung up on him because he got off at Pickering.

Why was he so freaked out?

I keep nothing of value in my car. People are welcome to my extra bottle of oil, my roadside emergency kit (there's some granola bars in it and a bottle of Gatorade - grape flavour!). I've got half a container of windshield washer fluid. Of course, I'd be pissed if someone took my Oskar folding windshield snow-cleaning brush. In fact, I love that brush so much, I'd probably get off the train too, hail a cab, and book my way back to Oshawa.


TomW said...

That's such a useless device... by teh time you get to teh car, the theif could have broken in, removed everything, taken off the wheels, drained the oil the gas tank, and left a detailed tear-stained letter explaining what life events drove you to this.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone has no insurance, has expired insurance or missed a few payments and knows if there's damage or theft, he's SOL. Of course, not much he can do when he's on a train and 15 minutes out. Guess he just wanted to deal with the situation now and not when he got home from work.

Carole said...

I agree. A good winter brush is hard to find!

kary said...

I would cry. I love my car.