Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Not sure if legit or trolling drama

It's hard to tell sometimes if some of the email I get is legitimate or fake. I get emails from people claiming to be the bag riders and foot riders in photos, accusing me of invading their privacy, threatening to sue me for said invasion and then wish me a good day when closing their emails. Hilarious stuff.

Remember Scummy Dude from yesterday's post? I don't doubt that the GO commuting world is indeed small enough that chances are someone reading this site might know someone featured on the site, but this email seems a little too convenient. Maybe it's real but I've left the email address unmasked because I figure a free for all is in order - everyone deserves a crack at a reply! I have bad days and yes, my mother did have brain cancer and survived, but tragic life events and bad days don't grant any person the excuse or reason to be rude, disrespectful and ignorant.

Have fun!

from: Yolandi Wasser
date: Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 12:07 AM
subject: scummy dude

the guy you called scummy dude happens tobe a friend of mine. wow you are so quick to judge!!! you never done anything rude or wrong in your flie? never had a bad day. never had your mom find out she has cancer. people have bad days. my firned is not a bad person and doesnt deserve to be crucified online on shome shitty ass wbesite where you talk shit about people you dont now. how do you know for sure he's not handicapped. does everyone who is handicapped look handicapped? no! so fuck you and take that shit off yoru site. way to go ahead and reck someone's repuation, stupid bitcjh. one day you will gets yours,.


Shirker said...

What's that saying about 'birds of a feather'? *sigh* As for her comment about he could be handicapped, I'm certain someone with special needs would not keep his/her bag on a seat preventing another person with needs from sitting down.

Squiggles said...

My vote: trolling drama

Reasons are:

A) Twilighted princess? seriously? I read those books and this is the last I will mention I want my days back I spent reading that crap. It says a lot about the sender. An immature girl, with a sever deficit in school portrayed by the incorrect use of proper grammar and spelling, and the inability to complete a coherant thoughtful, argument.

B) There is no excuse for the rude behaviour displayed. A bad day does not mean you can leave an elderly gentleman swinging in the breeze whilst your backpack gets a comfortable ride. A bad day does not excuse the language and insults that were used.

C) Defensiveness, in whatever situation, shows that the person knows that he/she is guilty yet does not have the ability to own up to it. It was shown by "Scummy Dude's" use of expletives and insults, as well as the threat to report "The Bitche's" behaviour when she tried to right a wrong. It shows in Princess' use of expletives and insults and lack of a proper argument as to why her "friend's" behaviour would be deemed correct.

Sorry to hear about your Mom CJ and am glad to know she is ok.

Too bad Howard isn't able to get involved. I always enjoy hearing his legal advice.

Vanessa said...

Just once I'd like to see someone write a spiteful, hateful e-mail and actually use spell check.

Bicky said...

Meh. She lost me with the crappy spelling. As in I lost interest in reading it.

Personally, I think CJ should be getting a comedy award and a good GO citizen award.

Just sayin'.

FRED said...

Scummy Dude appears to have sent you an email. LOL! Probably made up the name and the email account all at the same time in a lame ass attempt to throw you off the trail, or, it is indeed a troll.

AngelSil said...

Can't get beyond the horrible spelling...

MATT said...

Holy shit. Don’t know where to start with all the spelling and grammar errors. This is our future, ladies and gentlemen. Our future leaders are learning to spell via social networking and text messages. I weep for the future. Nay; I sob.

Anonymous said...

My God! She speaks like a petulant five-year-old! >.>; I say troll! Haha!

ExGOnowTTC said...


LOL Plzktnx ttyl.

Anonymous said...

I hear the waaaaaambulance coming for this "girl" and her "firned"(sic)!

She seems to go on and on about others not knowing if he's handicapped or not, but if she knew her friend was she would have surely mentioned it to make everyone feel like a heel.

Thus he is not, just another tool that rides the GO.

lswgirl13 said...

Ahhhhhhh, how I love the "gangsta" mentality of SOME of the younger generation from the suburbia hoods.

Anonymous said...

And the "Tool of the Day" award goes to ... Oh, it's a tie -- Scummy Dude and Yolandi! What a proud parental moment.

Rouge Hill-er said...

I agree with Fred - "Princess" and Scummy Dude are probably one and the same. If Scummy Dude could write, (a generous assumption) this is what his message would probably sound like.

"you never done anything rude or wrong in your flie?" - what is this "flie" you speak of - it sounds rather messy.

And yes, Princess, my mum had cancer and did not survive, also several family members, but it did not give me an inflated sense of entitlement.