Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend foot riding

Do I need to pull out the chainsaw? Do I?!


Anonymous said...

OK we get it, you hate foot riders!

C.J. Smith said...

I get new people to the site every week who aren't aware of how much I hate this muckery. PSAs are how I roll. Learn to deal.

Bicky said...

Yes you do.

Yesterday my sister and I were talking about these photos and how foot riders are not pleasant to be near. The dude sitting in our quad was foot riding the whole way and oblivious to our conversation. I should have smacked his foot off the seat.

Bees said...

I had a young man sitting behind me on the GO bus recently. On noticing an unpleasant odour near my face, I turned my head to see a big ugly sneaker wedged between my seat headrest area and the window. Got up and moved to another seat, muttering about not really needing to be that familiar with anyone's feet... Fellow looked perplexed by my upset. Next time I saw him across the aisle from me, and he saw me, he took off his shoe and actually sniffed at his foot in some kind of self-evaluation experiment. I kinda felt sorry for the kid, but why don't people realize how gross it is to have their feet that close to someone else's nose?! Not to mention the disrespect and cootie factors. Ugh.