Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Did you ride the Lakeshore East after 4 pm on November 21? You may qualify for a service credit

Today is the last day to file so giddy-up on that. For those that don't know, trains were delayed for over 20 minutes due to a broken switch.

My BFF and another train buddy (yes, you Al) filed last week and just received confirmation that, as per GO's Service Guarantee, their requests for a credit to their Presto cards have been approved and are being processed.

Because I'm a skeptic, I held off. Now that I've got proof GO is playing nice, and good on GO by the way, I've applied for a credit. You should too.


DMF said...

I ready did and received my notification of refund yesterday.

Squiggles said...

I considered it. I was on the 5:10 train that day and it arrived at my station about 7 mins late.


Al said...


A shout out!!!

Anonymous said...

Good to see GO is the sole judge and jury on its program.

Bicky said...

I got my claim approved as well. The email arrived yesterday or today (I only checked today). For the two minutes it takes to fill out online, it's worth it.

Peter said...

If only GO Transit bus passengers were treated with equal respect. Recently, I was on a bus that had a malfunctioning wheel chair lift. As a result, we were late 30 minutes. No refund for us; we're second class customers in GO Transit's eyes.

Bicky said...

Another note: Just remember to tap your card within the 15 minute window before your train departs. If you tap MORE than 15 minutes before your train, you won't get your credit.

C.J. Smith said...


Anonymous said...

Do any of you have any experience with being double-charged during a Presto autoload?

I decided to bite the bullet and get a Presto card for November, seeing as they are eliminating the monthly passes.

Sure enough, on my third autoload something goes awry and two charges appear on my credit card statement. Not even reflected by the card balance.

@^*% )*@@ $&#*ing useless piece of #$!) system that they're insisting on shoving down our throats!!!!!

C.J. Smith said...

There have been documented and noted issues with the autoload feature.

Please email me for links. I would suggest you not use the feature. It's obviously still very broken and unreliable.

Squiggles said...


There have been way too many documented problems with the autoload - both on this site and the shoutouts.

Since I do not trust autoload (and the presto site seems to have saved a credit card and I don't remember telling it to), I go up to a window to load it. Always. Saves problems and their "customer service" later on.