Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Scumbaggery on the LSE. Severed signal cables deemed act of vandalism

These are the scumbags that move through society with us - people who risk the lives of thousands by committing an act that is dangerous and disruptive.
Kudos to GO Transit, Metrolinx and Toronto Police for their diligence overnight to correct the issues caused by this despicable act.

For more, see "GO Transit back on track after fixing cable snipped by vandals" (Global News)


Squiggles said...

What I am surprised about is that the signal isn't protected better. That is not the first time that the signals at/by Guildwood have been vandalised/ metal stolen.

Anonymous said...

Signals default into failsafe mode if the wires are cut or if something happens. Meaning, if someone cuts the wires, the signals will go out (and not default to green or yellow etc). Crews follow the signals to operate the trains like traffic lights, and if any are noticed out they'll stop and radio the RTC (dispatcher), who likely can see any issues on their dispatch board. He'll manually dispact the trains (issue clearances, etc) to ensure safe passage.

Because of the thousands of miles of railway trackage and the outdoor nature, all signal wiring can't be locked up or secured like a church during a visit from the pope.

So while the scum should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, the built-in checks and balances in how trains are operated and how the system works ensures there won't be a head-on killing hundreds of passengers.