Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I *never* have this kind of luck! Presto Card found

My hubby decided to scour the roadside today where the bus drops me off in the evenings and lo and behold, he found my Presto card covered in leaves and debris near a sewer grate.
Call me Miss Cleo!!! Didn't I call it?!!
But seriously, who has this kind of luck?
And my parents said there were no benefits to living out in the country. IN YOUR FACE, I say!!!
So I bought $10 in quick picks for Wednesday's $46 million 6/49 draw.


Subliminal said...

Your husband is definitely a keeper.

On the other hand...

You should unblock your old and newly found card instead of doing the followup call to transfer the registration and $23 balance to continue using it keeping your accumulated loyalty ride count going and the tax credit threshold being achieved.

Then either "lose" the card and transfer the registration and balance to your new card to coincide with the start of a new month or save the new card as your future lost(again) card replacement or as the card you use for a trip with another family member or guest going to Toronto to use to get the tap on discount fare.

Unknown said...

Because of your luck, I'm going to buy quick picks for Wednesday's draw too.

Sylv said...

Yay! Glad it was found.