Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bad behaviour on a GO train prompts journalist to ask:

How do you raise kids to have good manners?


Squiggles said...

I find, the longer you commute, the worse the behaviour seems to be. As in, when I first started taking the GO train 6 years ago, I didn't notice much in the way of infractions. Now, I see it everywhere. All the time. And it is making me cranky. Which makes me want to shout at the stupid person in front of me who decided to squeeze through a 2" open door instead of using a handle and holding it open for the person behind.

So, what I am wondering is if something changed in the last 6 years where people do not give a shit or if I am just noticing it more?

If it is things have changed, we need to make a concerted effort to change it back. How? I have no clue, except maybe changing how kids are raised so no more entitlement.

And sidenote: had I ever acted in such a manner that I have seen some kids/teens/whatever age act, my parents would have made certain that would have never happened again.

deepfish said...

I've seen that door thing elsewhere, but the GTA seems to be overrun with it. Its like people here all have arms ending at their elbows. They see m to have a pathological aversion to making any personal effort to open doors.
I once was in Toronto PATH with a carriage (double) and my two kids in it. I stopped just to the side of a bank of doors - I wasn't blocking it and it wasn't busy at all.
On th eother side of the doors a guy actually stopped and waited. He even started tapping his foot. When I opened the door to pull th ecarriage through he brushed past me muttering.
This guy wasn't obviously impaired or deranged - dressed like your useless Bay street type - but obviously also clothed in seething resentment on any infringement on his entitlement to coast through his day.
Didn't get a chance to say this at the time but... "Hey bud - there are six other doors, and you have a full set of hands available".

Squiggles said...

That is horrible. And too typical, sadly. Stuff like that irks my Mom to this day (she had some stories as there were 3 kids under 3 at one point). So much so that she will yell after the "person" - You're Welcome!

The sad thing is: that person thinks nothing is wrong with their actions.