Friday, October 17, 2014

TIL: Some Durham area college/uni students allegedly do a lot of drugs

I forgot my headphones twice this week which means I've been subjected to listening in on conversations on the GO bus ride home.

Some east Durham area youth apparently do a lot of drugs and we're not talking hidden in a shoebox Mary Janes. Here's what I learned:
  • Cocaine breaks up a lot of BFFs.  Justin and Mike were tight until Justin started dealing and Mike was upset because Justin refused to cut him into any deals.
  • Kristen and Grace don't talk anymore since Grace got real stoned and pissed off the edge of an Oshawa parking garage and threw her panties in Kristen's face.
  • Melanie did so much meth she supposedly cooked Lyndsay's hamster by accident in the oven but it could have been a shoe - she and her friend were too high to remember.
  • The last time Mike saw Justin he was making crack in his aunt's barn in Hampton.
  • Sam got fired from Mickey Dee's after he showed up high to a Saturday night shift and put a bag of plastic spoons in the deep fryer.
I stared out the window a lot while listening to all this drug chatter because I felt awkward and didn't want to make eye contact with any of these people.  What amazed me was the fact that no one cared to be discreet. In fact, it came across like they were proud of these stories.

I'm only 40. I like to think I am far from old-fashioned. My teenage/college stories don't involve any recreational/hard drug stories except for one. I went to a bush party in Collingwood when I was 19. I willingly ate a cookie that had been handed to me. Next thing I knew, I was on a flat-bed wagon being pulled by a tractor, flat on my back, finding it difficult to move. The stars looked like fireworks. I was convinced my eyes were being burned. It wasn't pleasant. I was scared.

Later I learned the cookies had been laced with LSD. My friends thought it was hysterical. I played along although truthfully I was upset.

It's a story I've never thought to freely brag about on public transit. Of course, I realize I am sharing it here...

The only story I was privileged to listen to that I thought was worthy of public consumption was the second story involving Grace and Kristen. Grace not only threw her panties at Kristen but she also threw the car keys belonging to the car Kristen had borrowed from her mother down a sewer grate. Kristen figured it would be a bright idea to call 911. Did I mention both these girls admitted to being drunk and high that night?

Kristen's friend rattled on some more during the bus ride telling us all there were apparently a bunch of charges laid and Kristen was sent to her uncle's Coburg farm for an entire summer to perform hard labour to pay the fines after the court case. The horror of being forced to get up every morning at 4:30 am has traumatized her for life apparently.

See? A happy ending.


Anonymous said...

I remember listening (because I had no choice) to a very descriptive conversation about a girls sex life with her new boy. It was very graphic and entertaining. Who needs headphones?

outburst said...

Did that bush party happen on a campground site in Collingwood? I think I was there, lol.
And no, it wasn't something to brag about. I hope to teach my kids to be socially smart, on the Net and in public.

C.J. Smith said...

This was 1993. August or so. I was driven to the location. I have no idea where in Collingwood we went.

Mark said...

Honestly it's the internet. I know its easy to blame the net, but we've become a culture that shares everything because its so easy that people, especially younger people do not see the boundaries of what is and is not acceptable conversation in a public shared space.

This may may me sound fuddy duddy, but as positive an advancement as the internet is, there are plenty of negatives that go along with being able to look up the familiar girl playing the third best friend of the lead in the new sitcom you're watching just to figure out where you've seen her before.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

When DID the concept of "living a normal life" become extinct?