Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Check out the salary

Just casually perusing Metrolinx's careers page (because I like to gawk at the wages), when suddenly...


If I wasn't ridiculously happy with the job I have, I'd totally go for this.

***You should apply. Yeah, you know who you are.


Warren Downe said...

"Supervises and coordinates multiple marketing projects with conflicting priorities" I don't know how to do that. All my projects have their priorities aligned.

"user experience design (e.g. GO Transit Web, Mobile Web and Mobile App) to align with the GO Transit’s brand promise of an elevated guest experience" Is Metrolinx admitting their UX platforms need to be torn down and rebuilt?

C.J. Smith said...

You have to wonder if someone got fired.

TomW said...

GO already offers an elevated guest experience. It's called "upstairs on double-decker buses and trains"

Outburst said...

Not a fantastic salary for a manager slot, IMO. Doesn't even crack the sunshine list!