Wednesday, December 3, 2014

This exists - Malaysia's women-only commuter train service a hit

First rolled out by the railway company KTM in 2010, the women-only coach was aimed at enhancing safety following complaints of sexual harassment or women being groped especially during peak hours.

Azreen Mohd Yusup, KTM's head for corporate communication, said: "The coaches were too congested. We can't do much but it happens sometimes. The complaints have been highlighted to us but sometimes the women were embarrassed about the cases so they didn't report anything. But we know."



George said...

Typical of a country where women are treated as property and have little in the way of rights. Treating women as second class citizens would be a boost for them in that country.
The men are worse it seems in that they have zero respect for women.

I'm so glad we live in a country where there is legal recourse for things like that.

C.J. Smith said...

^ Me too!