Thursday, April 30, 2015

Don't forget to file service guarantee claims LSE peeps!

[Update: the signals on this line near Whitby have malfunctioned again, all service eastbound is significantly delayed @ 10:15 am]

Especially today so you get that $1.23 back (seeing as for daily Presto users, it's close to the free period since it's month-end).

So what happened?

As is the norm with the Metrolinx social media team, all I heard was crickets so I went after the PR spokeswoman, who I hope, doesn't think I'm a pain in the ass but despite my insecurities, always makes it a point to address any concerns I have and that is duly noted.

This was day three of signal malfunctions that halted all eastbound GO train traffic from Whitby to Oshawa and held up westbound trains, and yesterday, put westbound trains out of service. I heard the bus ride from Oshawa to Ajax was an adventure, and I'm so sorry passengers were subjected to so much confusion about which bus to take. I'm trying to understand what happened myself.

I find it interesting that GO Transit and Metrolinx have these massive (and well staffed) logistic departments but can't seem to get it together with their communication teams, which leads me to this morning. Passengers were exasperated. We were told in an email alert that all trains westbound from Oshawa (7:28/7:53) were cancelled and would be replaced with buses, but then received text alerts that said trains were running, but delayed.

The signals were restored rather quickly actually, within 20-25 minutes of the malfunction occurring, and we were all emailed the apology I recommended. What I didn't get was an answer for why the signals failed three days in a row, all around the same time, and what measures are being put in place to address this for tomorrow?

Despite the emails we received yesterday that this issue was resolved, clearly it wasn't.

What's frustrating is despite the millions of dollars in fare we spend a month, we are often ignored when we ask what impacted our trip into work.

Telling bosses, colleagues, clients and students the train was late for three days in a row can threaten job security. Don't believe me? True story: I wasn't hired for a position with a large bank despite interviewing well because I lived in Oshawa at the time. The senior supervisor had been told that GO Transit was unreliable into Union from Oshawa and the concern was I couldn't be counted on to make it into work on time, especially in the winter.

Chew on that for a bit, Metrolinx. Don't kid yourselves that all that's ever compromised for your customers is time.


Squiggles said...

I *just* received a notice from them saying that there is a switch that is faulty. And until further notice, all trains will start and end at Whitby. You Oshawa folk will just have to bus it.

For the record: it took too long for that to happen. 3 days was too long.

Bicky said...

I hate getting up at 4:stupid30 but my train is rarely delayed. And nothing like what happens when the flurry of trains are coming and going.

Anonymous said...

I work 8:30 to 4:30

Yesterday I was told I had to stay til 5pm to make up the 30 minutes I lost yesterday and I couldn't take my daughter swimming which is our Wednesday night thing. Today, my supervisor was just as annoyed but at least I was at my desk by 8:31.

That's what GO Transit doesn't understand. Not of all of us work for sympathetic employers and some of us are under deadlines that don't move. Plus, we have families we want to get home to and staying late to make up for arriving late because of something not our fault really doesn't make me feel sympathetic to GO Transit's signal problems. I don't ride for free. I pay a lot of money.

Gemma said...

Now, good new is despite my email to you, I obviously didn't intend to catch the 7;21 if I was still in my car at 7:26, so I was there on time :)

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Bosses and employers are sure bigots aren't they?

"Why don't you simply buy yourself a BMW like the kind I have? And that way you can make it to work in time no matter what."
"Uhh-h-h-h...because the position I have here doesn't pay me enough to enable me to afford a nice car at this time?"

C.J. Smith said...

^ Just a smidge.