Thursday, April 23, 2015

Nancy and Karen are like, super mad at me

These two need a blog. I mean it. Get on it.

Let's pull out some of random comments/questions/statements made in text and email to me, shall we?

"You only care about issues that affect you."

Well of course I do, it's my blog, it's always been about me. I've never professed anything else.

"Because your friends with GO Transit on Twitter, you don't care about us anymore".

It's very difficult to be friends with a business entity. I don't even know the social media team aside from the acronyms they provide. Plus, there's no friends on Twitter. There's "stalking" on Twitter. I "follow" GO Transit and the social media team "follows" me. This is about the extent of our "friendship".
Secondly, to "care about us" implies I need to know you. I don't know either of you.

"Why is it that we can't complain about how unfair these platform changes are???? Some of us have to walk farther and a few of my co-workers now have to take a later train because the track change added two minutes to the walk that they can't spare."

I only know what I know. I boarded 12/13 through the Concourse, in the area that connects the Concourse to the Air Canada Centre. The move to 24 for my 4:53 pm Lakeshore East train has added less than one minute more of walking time to my commute. Neither of these two jerks will tell me where they board. How can I help???

"Sharing my email online was a breach of my privacy."

No it wasn't. You don't pay me anything. I'm not obligated to protect anyone or anything. If you don't want me to know who you are, don't use your email, use an alias. It's free to create a Gmail account.

"As someone who claims to lobby for passenger issues and comfort, it's really upsetting to learn you don't give a shit about the very real concern and DANGER of platform congestion. Platforms 24 to 27 can't handle Lakeshore crowds."

I never claimed to "lobby". I said that people view me as some kind of GO Transit passenger lobbyist. This includes you. I'm sorry you set such high expectations for me. I never asked you to. That's hard for me to write as it's mean, but it's true, and I am not a mean person at heart. I do care passionately about transit issues and how bonafide issues affect our daily commute as paying passengers. I have not been alerted to anything out of the ordinary when it comes to the platform change. The platforms were always congested, especially when trains are delayed. When the trains are on time, boarding is fine, and it's been fine since the change.

"I really used to enjoy reading your website but now I think you're just pandering to GO Transit because you're afraid they'll turn their back on yuo."

Why is it that people act like this is a paid gig? Like I owe them something? I could stop writing today, have the site go dark forever, and no one at Metrolinx or GO Transit would care.


Anonymous said...

I think the fundamental problem with some GO users is that they already feel they are barely getting their money's worth. So when one little thing breaks down - and there is no compensation - they feel are getting ripped. I took GO for years until the ubiquitous 'frozen switches' delays pushed me over the edge which I'd been teetering on for many months. I switched to VIA and never looked back.

Karen and Nancy saw you as a kindred spirit, an advocate and are genuinely saddened that you won't rage about anything and everything like they do. I sympathize with them. They are 2 of many 'reluctant users' of the GO system. Folks who would take another way to work if they could.

C.J. Smith said...

I can't rage about something that doesn't enrage me but I am MORE THAN HAPPY TO HELP OTHERS WHO PROVIDE THE RAGE FOR ME.

I invited both of them to write for the website. They refused.

I asked for pictures. They refused.


Squiggles said...

That is what I just don't understand. If you are all upset about something, talk to that person/entity. Don't randomly rage at someone and not provide examples. Or for the matter, think a reprinted email on a blog is the same as talking to customer service.

Nothing can be done without EXAMPLES or PROOF. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

Your sense of entitlement is not an example.

Kudos to you CJ for giving them the opportunity to prove/provide examples of why the switch up won't work. Too bad they cannot form a coherent argument.

Chris P. Bacon said...

It seems Nancy and Karen missed the "pro bono" part in this article: (copy/paste to your browser's address bar)

Bicky said...

Ah, yes, the raging, the ranting and when asked for examples or proof, crickets.

We've had a week with the new platforms. One would think the rage would subside.

I actually don't feel as squashed on the platform then when I was over at 12/13. Mind you, I board about the middle of the train.

Skin Man said...

I, for one, think that Metrolinx/GO would care if you stopped blogging. This is an invaluable tool/source for them to obtain information from not only the traveling public but also on occasion their own employees who comment anonymously, (assuming those posts aren't trolls - but they seem to be real to me...and I hardly ever hear voices in my head since I started my new meds!).

Unvarnished truth can be hard to come by...especially from people who you are paying, (i.e. emperor's new clothes). Thus CJ's uncompensated soapbox has tremendous gravitas.

C.J. Smith said...

Thanks Skin Man.

Anonymous said...

I contacted the GO Marketing Dept and asked them if they were tracking the site (I work at GO) and they confirmed that they do :)

I suspect you're on a list somewhere... ;)

C.J. Smith said...

I believe that tracking for reputation management is the norm of any agency (my company also does this) but if the site disappeared, they wouldn't care. They would just focus on the next blog.

When we notice a company drops my company from its list of "influencers" we don't contact them. In fact, no one loses any sleep over it.