Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Friday, the start of a long weekend, train pulls into Oshawa, people start running and suddenly...


(sorry Mom, for swearing)

Seriously? I mean, people were hauling serious ass for the parking lot but when they heard the word, "FREE!" called out, it was like something out of a cartoon.

The best was the lady in line for the bus with me. "When is the next bus?" She asked me. I shrugged. She looked at the bus, looked at the free (tiny) choco iced capps, and wandered over to line up for food I'm sure she can afford.

These are the same people that lose their shit over complimentary yogurt and granola bars at Union Station.


Anonymous said...

I remember my first year in Canada: Winterfest, Nathan Phillips Square, December 1995. I was holding my 3 year old daughter's hand, just wandering. The square was packed so I stayed near the perimeter. A bloke appears next to me and opens up a cardboard box. Ooh what's this? I look inside to see a pile of cute Coca Cola bears. In the time it took me to lean over and reach down into the box I had been body checked, pushed and yanked until - what? No more bears.

I led my sad little girl over to the swirly swing ride and lined up. Her turn came and I lifted her into a chair. I walked behind the barrier and looked back to see she was back on the ground, being led over to me by the ride guy. What happened? A delightful lady had lifted my daughter out of her seat so she could have the seat next to her child.

"You can get the next one" she shouted at me as the ride got underway.

They say Canadian's are polite but you can keep your stupid carnivals. I remember my buddy making a diving catch for a free miniture football at a Ticats game. "Do you want one?" he said to me as he prepared for the next lob. Why the fuck would I want one?

Canadian's are nuts for their free shit - like a UN truck in a refugee camp. No thanks Canada!

C.J. Smith said...

I have to agree. The WORST. If it's free, I don't bother. People are animals.

Now you know why I detest Canada's Wonderland, the Ex and any other ride like attraction. If you want to see the ultimate is rudeness, those are the places to go.

Mary said...

Costco, Friday's. 'OOO What's this? It's flat little bread like squares with tomato sauce and slices of some kind of meat!? Must leave my huge cart in the middle of the aisle and shove through the throng of people/refugees to see/try this strange food item I have never had! pizzzahh??'

C.J. Smith said...

Canadians could never survive a zombie apocalypse. 80% of us would die in the first seven days.

The other 20% of us are the ones roaming the streets with homemade weapons, rain barrels tied to our backs, roasted squirrel pegged on spears, and riding modified lawn mowers. My husband lives for the day...

Michael Suddard said...

Only thing I would modify in Mary's post:

"Must leave my huge cart sideways in the middle of the aisle and shove through..."

Best is when nobody else can move through the aisle until the donkey finishes their beloved ice cream, wait for something to toast, etc.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

HEY!, folks:
it's "Black Friday" all year long!

Is the world and life itself so oppressive that some are just "too eager for" ANY kind of amenities that (seemingly) come their way?

mark p said...

if im walking and they hand it to me as i walk by, then im fine with free stuff, but if i have to line up for it and the line is long forget it..i barely want to line up for stuff i have to pay for in a store, why line up for a crappy sample with a pathetic coupon.....?

Anonymous said...

you hit the nail on the head... people go ape $#|+ over free samples. "Like a UN truck .... " so so true..

Bicky said...

I've seen women (and a few men) go from person to person who are handing out samples, in the concourse at Union, so they can get as many as possible. They end up with an armload. Disgusting.

My personal favourites are the ones handing out free samples but you have to make a donation to charity to get it. Ha! Then it's NOT free!