Monday, May 11, 2015

Friday sucked

But then it got better...

It started with one tweet, "I'm drinking alone at the Keg" and soon, by 8 pm, 17 other people who read this site who were on Twitter and stranded by the LSE cancellations, were with me at the Keg on York Street, drinking, eating and feeling proud of themselves that they worked up the nerve to come out.

Thankfully no one dialed up any crazy.

But I will never look at Mother Mary on anyone's front lawn the same way ever again. She will always be Mary in a Half Shell. Thanks Kevin.

I don't remember everyone's names and I apologize. I want to thank those who offered me rides and alternate routes via text and email, and I'm glad everyone got home.

I took the first reinstated GO train and it took two hours to arrive in Oshawa. Despite the thousands of people, the foot riders and bag riders were having none of it. My commuter rage nearly resulted in physical blows, squelched by other passengers who stepped in and assisted with getting these passengers to understand that, J.H.C., you CAN'T do THAT! Especially after people sat around Union waiting almost three hours for a train. Seats are for passengers. Douchebags. And too many to count.

It was a shit show but it was all made better because of "drank".

PS. Really do try the crab cakes - amaaazzzing ...


Nora1968 said...

My crew and I were on the 4:25 pm - what I now realize was probably the first train to be impacted by the whole thing. We were eventually dumped out at Scarborough and, with no buses coming or realistic alternate routes ("let's go back to Union so we can start all over again!" said no 4:25 pm passenger, ever) we all hoofed it up to St. Clair to try to find or call cabs or other rides.

I'm jealous of how you spent your evening, since we would have DEARLY loved to come across any place that was licensed at that point - definitely would have made the whole situation a hell of a lot better! :-)

Squiggles said...

I was sooo happy. Sooooo happy that I decided to work from home on Friday. What a nightmare.

Even though it took a long time to get home, sounds like it was worth it! You gots to meet a lot of fans.

C.J. Smith said...

I got to meet lots of Lakeshore East people. Drinking helped tremendously.

Bicky said...

My brother picked me (and Dakota) up at Scarborough (we were on the 4:25). He drives downtown and it was just chance we were able to connect.

Had he not been able to get us, I'd have been back on the train and gone back to Union.

Sounds like you had fun.

Gemma said...

On the 4:25 here too. I made tons of friends at Scarborough and was offered a ride by two fantastic ladies - we switched from the first (to Pickering) to the 2nd (to Ajax) midway. At one point I eye a convertible with three gentlemen in it and almost jumped in the back with a "hello boys, going my way?" A smile and a giggle helped me get home and helped others feel free to approach me with questions and in solidarity! I just hope all my directions were correct. After making it to Ajax, we found out GO LIED (gasp) and trains were not going back and forth (West yes, but none I saw EAST) so I convinced an off duty cab driver in a nearby lot to fleece us and take us the rest of the way. landed in Whitby at 7 and realized we were one of the first to arrive. Ugh...if I haven't left I always stick for dinner and drinks :) Next time!
FUnny _ we were next to a girl from Picton who was on the GO for the first time. Made sure we got her sorted and taken care of - poor kid - having to deal with this crap AND crazy happy friendly us!

C.J. Smith said...


I was one of the few Samsung Note 3 people (possibly the only 1) whose battery made it all the way to Oshawa with 36% life remaining whereas all the iPhone people were dead as well as some Samsung S3 and S4 people.

My phone became the town bicycle in the parking lot. Thank god I have an LD plan because not all the calls were 905. Quite a few 705/416

Anonymous said...

Ugh, that does it. I need to get on the Twitter thing. Anyway, I was on the 4:53 and we were told to get off before the train left Union. After everyone stood around looking confused on the platform for about 20 mins, they made the announcement that the delay could be 2-3 hours. Soon after they tweeted out their recommended alternate arrangement: TTC to Scarborough Centre, then bus down to Pickering Station and train out to Oshawa. Knowing that route would itself take at least 2 hours, I decided to grab a bite to eat and see if the trains would start running in an hour or so. Of course they didn't, so I decided to follow GO's re-routing recommendation. Union to Bloor-Yonge, switch trains and head out to Kennedy. Switch trains again and head to Scarborough Centre, where a herd of us waited for GO Buses that seemed to come by once every 10 minutes and filled up without making a noticeable impact on the crowd. Did I mention that the trains started to run again at this point in the evening? Anyway, once I was on the bus the driver announced that he was making all stops to Oshawa. I decided I'd switched modes of transportation enough for one evening so stuck with the bus until Oshawa, eventually getting in about 8:45, some ~4.5 hours after I left work.

Next time I'm grabbing a bottle from the LCBO and sleeping in a hotel for the evening.

C.J. Smith said...

I'm sorry!!!!

When this happens again (and it will). Drop everything and text me. Put this number in your phones, guys (905 442 7423) and then walk up to the Keg on York and get ready to drink. This will be the "hole".

Gemma said...

I'll be at the Keg meeting CJ!
lol My first words to the Pictonite was "this is whenyou make friends go train style"

Al said...

I was one of those three. Although I was only getting a lift to midland/st Clair. I know, lazy or what. I was getting a ride and didn't want to walk out of the station.

George said...

I was on the 4:30 LSE on my way to Ajax to pick up my daughter and head back to Oakville. My train stopped at da forth and when I texted her to hop a train and meet me there, hers got stopped at Pickering.
I waited 2 hours before the train that brought me there turned back to union. She took a bus to Scarborough Town Center, took the ratty old LRT to Kennedy, subway to bloor and then south to union.
We thought that we could make the 8:43 westbound, but for some unfathomable reason, it was changed express to Aldershot! Who the hell goes express to there?
We waited for the 9:13 but it was delayed so we waited and waited until we boarded and got to Oakville at 10:45. Almost seven hours we spent on transit or waiting for trains and buses for a usually 90 or so minute trip.
Sometimes I wish I hadn't stopped drinking.