Monday, May 4, 2015

Tales from the GO Bus


Kristina said...

Lol! Thanks for posting my story CJ! This was the Barrie bus by the way, not the 72. My 72 was just a random number for my "tales" :p

Thanks again! :)

C.J. Smith said...


Kristina said...


Yeah some interesting stuff happens on that route. I've heard so much about prison and probation I feel like I'm an expert at this point...

Oh, and yesterday when I was waiting at the Newmarket bus station, I noticed this gorgeous red coat on the floor between the two sets of doors leading to the buses. I picked it up and took it to the counter and asked if they had a lost and found they could put it in. The lady looked at me like I was nuts, and then- I kid you not- she suggested I "just put it back, they'll probably come back for it."

Put it back. On the floor. In the doorway. Where anyone could take it.

I was in awe. I politely but firmly told her no, I wasn't going to do that, as I would rather it be stored in a safe place instead of anyone being able to come along and take it. She glared at me, but took it.