Thursday, September 8, 2016

Free hydro? Oh wait... Your fare dollars at work!


Unknown said...

For some reason, stuff like this makes me rage-y. That and the smart car charging stations. Why should I pay for someone else to charge their item. It is THEIR item, not mine, so they are responsible for making certain it is charged.

Maybe if we weren't being squeezed every time we turn around (especially with hydro), it would be different. But when we are paying the US to take our hydro and being penalized because we cut back on the usage too much, stop with the "free" charging stations in the public sphere (it is different if it is put out and paid for by a private company/firm).

Bicky said...

The car charging stations are not free but the $2.50 they charge is laughable.

Normally, there's a corporate sponsor associated with these things. Maybe the photo just didn't capture it if there was one.

Unknown said...

Squiggles, I feel much the same about free parking. My tax dollars go towards building and maintaining the public space, and then motorists come along with their multi-ton toys and leave them lying around all over the place, taking up space that could be better used for moving people (y'know, like the roads were supposed to do in the first place).

Like you said, why should society be paying for a subset of the population to store their vehicles on public space. It's their item, not ours.