Friday, September 30, 2016

Missed Connections

Probably the most bizarre (for lack of a better word) suggestion I get from readers or first time googlers for "how to make my site more interesting for GO riders" is to offer a "missed connections" feature.

That somehow I should play a cupid role, for passengers too nervous, shy, or unsure to approach other passengers about a date, or wanting to know what they were reading, wanting to offer advice for a family problem they overheard, or wanting to know where someone worked or went to school.

The only missed connection I'd be down for is WHO WAS THAT PERSON EATING A CAN OF TUNA FROM THE TIN ON A RUSH HOUR TRAIN?

I'd love to just sit down across from him, turn on the care bear stare and say, "Hi!", real loud, "HOW'S THE TUNA?! CAN I HAVE SOME?" And then pry open an emergency window and chuck it.


Bicky said...

Ha ha ha! The Care Bear stare! Classic. *chortle*

Unknown said...

I had an office mate do this pretty much everyday. It was so bad, I used to leave, but that stink lingers. And I find it stomach churning.

Anyway, one day I asked that person to please eat that portion of the lunch in the lunchroom and not in shared office. Completely offended.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

THEY were offended?!!!
How is it everyone is always so conscious of every "violation" someone else commits against them while always so oblivious to anything they do (or say) that might adversely affect someone else?

Anonymous said...

I see this ALL the time on the Kitchener line. They are all in their late teens early 20 somethings that have time to pack their food in their travel bag BUT but won't eat it before getting on the train or ever dream of waiting until they reach their final destination.
By all means stink the train out. As long as you get what you want - Don't consider irritating the people around you.
Probably the same reason GO implemented the QUIET ZONE for them to disregard that too.

TomW said...

McDonalds is worse.