Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Foot riders among us

Durham Region Transit bus quad
Photo credit: Wall Kitten
Guess what?! Get ready to high-five me, bitches!

So this morning, because I was in the mood, I got on the 4th coach from the back of the train at Oshawa and made my way upstairs. As I walked through the train to the last coach (for the hell of it) I saw five foot riders and announced real loudly that feet on the seats was strictly forbidden on this train and that my inspection would continue for the remainder of the ride.

I made sure to look all important-like.

I'd never seen people move so fast to look innocent. I think I'm going to make this part of my morning routine.

Someone make me a cape!


Anonymous said...

here's the thing. all u assholes who have no issue with it or feel entitled wouldn't put your feet down when asked. u know it's wrong.

daGoGuy said...

I see those same worn out chairs on Guelph Transit buses as well. Foot Riders are everywhere!!!!

Skin Man said...

That is awesome!!!!

lswgirl13 said...

WOW, you've got balls (well, so-to-speak).

Unknown said...

wish i was there - you are brave and you are funny!

N-train said...

Oh my God, that is absolutely hilarious! XD You should do it every morning!

C.J. Smith said...

I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning, considering the wet weather.

What's more hilarious is that considering the early hour, it startles the foot riders.

Dakota said...

All I can say is AWESOMESAUCE!!!

TomW said...

I like sitting in the Durham Region Transit bus quad because I can put my feet on the wheel-well *underneath* the seats.