Monday, February 13, 2012

Say goodbye to 2- and 10-ride passes

GO's kicking the green ticket stamping machines to the landfill nobody wants this summer. I should know. We're getting an incinerator in Clarington. Let me tell you, people are pissed. I guess these same people forget about the big ol' nuclear power plant at the foot of Holt Road.

Anyhoo, landfill, right. Burn garbage. Don't bury it.

Come June 1, Metrolinx (GO's owner) is pulling out the green machines and forcing fans of the stamp/punch/cancel dance to use Presto. There are no plans to get rid of the monthly paper passes... yet.
Here's more on the reasons why.

Yes, I've been drinking. Why you ask?


Anonymous said...

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Bicky said...

Interesting... the date on the document is still two days away.

James said...

There goes the backup if the Presto card isn't working. They expect you to have a valid fare but what are we supposed to do in the case of a Presto outage carry cash?

NN said...

f there is a presto outage the ride has t be free do the machines have id numbers easily id'd ??? so we can dcument one off outages?

perhaps the will install a machine in the CSA coach?

Squiggles said...

Well, I am a little hurt that I wasn't called out as a "ball licking follower".

But anyhoodles, this really isn't coming as a surprise. I am thinking that they are trying to limit the number of people who will stock up on the 10-rides before the fare increase this weekend.

And this is also spelling the doom of the monthly pass. They will get you to switch over.

Squiggles said...

@NN (sorry you were posted before I refreshed):

If there is an outage, I am NOT hauling my ass to the CSA coach to swipe in. It is not my responsibility to do so, especially if GO/Metrolinx cannot bear the responsibility of maintaining their machines.

All the machines are linked to a main server in GO's little ark back room. They know which ones are not working. And it is their responsibility to block off the broken machine so people know they need to go to the next one to swipe.

Besides, once they get rid of the 2 and 10-rides, do they really think people are going to line up to purchase several one-rides?

Shirker said...

They better replace each of the old machines with a Presto one. Once we are all forced to tap, the two machines they've got at my station won't be enough.

Particularly with those people who, instead of simply pulling the card out and tapping, insist on humping the machine for 2 minutes in an attempt to get it to read the card which is inside their wallet, which is inside their pants (or the women who repeatedly beat the machine with their handbags as if it tried to rob them).

C.J. Smith said...

I can't stand those people.
have your damn card ready or be sure the damn thing taps or "step out of the line"! (insert John Pinette voice)

C.J. Smith said...

I'm not deleting first anonymous' comment because he looks like a tool for voluntarily reading a website he doesn't like.

TomW said...

I wonder which the people of Clarington woudl prefer: garbage incinerator, or an expansion to Darlington nuclear power plant.

(I'd prefer the latter, personally.)

ExGOnowTTC said...

Maybe you weren't included because you're on a higher level of ball-licking?

You bloody show-off you.

? said...

Is ball licking supposed to be bad?

ExGOnowTTC said...

Anonymous clearly thinks so. Must be one of those old time ball lickers who decries the modern ball licker for forgetting their ball licking heritage.
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Squiggles said...

ExGo: That should have come with a warning. Almost wrecked my laptop when the pop came out.

And yes, now that I think of it, Anon probably did know that I am a member of the Reformed Ball Lickers. A little more attention is paid to the action, opposed to the theory of the practice.

ExGOnowTTC said...

Squiggles: I'm thinking Anon is just bitter at the younger generation. They don't respect Anon for the years of service. After all, Anon's chin has seen more balls than Tiger Wood's putter.

Anonymous said...

I disapprove. I was going to buy a student 10-ride ticket or something so that I could take a few GO train trips this summer... Aha, guess that ain't happening now... (Or did I miss something?)