Friday, February 17, 2012


So I write that I overheard people talking on the train about where to get a good burger and folks on Twitter think I'm blogging for money and accuse me of eavesdropping. Eavesdropping? On a public train. The hell?

But when I write about vaginas, I get crickets.

I'm still waiting on that cheque from the manufacturers of Vagisil.

I think there's been some kind of misunderstanding so I'm gonna make it very clear:

1. If I like a certain food, I'll share it with you. FOR FREE
2. I don't work for GO Transit, the TTC or Metrolinx
3. I don't work for an ad agency that is paying me to conduct a social media experiment about commuting
4. I don't work for the Toronto Star

This has gotten a little ridiculous. But it did give me a great idea for a banner logo!


Anonymous said...

Crickets are actually quite tasty. Just smother them in chocolate!

C.J. Smith said...


Or Gardillic sauce.

Anonymous said...

man you don't stop, your a frickin loser...

Terri P said...

What exactly is that you want her to stop considering the title of this blog?

Why do you come here?

Who's really the loser considering the irony of the situation?

Anonymous said...

Jake is back, looks like his mom didn't take away his internet access after she called CJ to see where he was.

Anonymous said...

hey dumb ass it was Jack not jake retard