Thursday, February 23, 2012

New game at the Pickering GO station! Rock, paper, glass ...

from: Doug R.
to: ""
date: Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 5:30 PM
subject: Smash and dash Pickering GO lot Thursday night

Disaster has struck. My car had a rock thrown through the drivers window I found out when I arrived 9 pm last night. The inside was ransacked and they got nothing because I keep nothing of value in the car. I parked in the northwest section in the long row facing the train tracks under the light standard. Go figure in the open for everyone to see.

Here is the kicker. The parking lot security cameras were not functioning last night. Great for douche bag who threw the rock and ransacked my car but sucks for me. Yes the person who did this damage is a douchebag. I had that verified by an expert douchebag certifier. Who knew they exist. I added my opinion that he or she is a coward. And that person probably can't read so just lucky I did not catch him and camera was not working. So I am out at least $500 for my deductible.

Insurance deductibles, towing, body shop, police report, claim adjuster are all words I am dealing with today. Can you say screwed? Okay boys & girls let's use screwed in a sentence. I parked my car in a GO station lot in the open under a light pole and I am so screwed.

Pictures to follow on the weekend and more on this saga to follow.

Be warned their is a cowardly asshole on the loose in the Pickering GO Station parking lot. Don't think it took two to throw that rock unless it was the Olsen twins. So much for driving at last minute to whitney houston's funeral tomorrow RIP Ms Houston. I blame Bobbi Brown by the way. No $ for flight either much less flowers.

As promised some pictures from the body shop.

So now we know rock beats glass and makes a mess out of car. And I cleaned up all the paper and stuff that was thrown all around but left the glass.

Over $1,500 damage so far.

OLG has the new Rock Paper Scissors game and GO Parking lots offer Rock Paper Glass. There is your headline. And to top it all off the police report came back with “surveillance camera was not functioning on the Pickering parking lot that whole day.” Hhmmm inside job?!! But how come no other cars were reported and broken into and trashed?

Maybe I have been targeted by the Bell sister’s (remember Ding and Dong??) boyfriends. The perp if it was a he couldn’t run very fast from the scene of the crime cause his pants were probably down under his ass cheeks. He just waddled away like a coward. I have now armed myself with a Louisville slugger in my trunk and a mini slugger in my backpack if I catch the perp in the act he/she won’t be throwing any rocks for awhile.

Gotta laugh cause this kinda stuff could lead ya to a bottle and fast.

- GO Train Patriot off to go looking for cowardly asshole


Anonymous said...

What kind of car, Doug?

lswgirl13 said...

Doug the same thing happened to me at the Oakville parking lots MANY years ago (I was driving my bitchin' Camaro - actually my ex's but I disgress). Anyways, I was also pregnant AND it was snowing so it got all in the car. And my fabulous cassette collection of 1980's Brit music was stolen. When I contacted GO, they just gave me lipservice. Like you, I got stuck with the deductible and also like you, GO doesn't give a rat's ass.

Shirker said...

I've heard that you should leave your doors unlocked to avoid the damage caused during a break-in but something tells me sophisticated thieves such as this one wouldn't think to check first anyway. Smashing glass is probably half the fun for these asshats. Sorry for your luck Doug.

Matt said...

$1500? For a window?

My car was broken into and my GPS stolen last winter. A new window and GPS combined cost me $ do you get to $1500 if you said yourself there was no valuables in the car?

C.J. Smith said...

The amount doesn't surprise me because glass gets into everything and into everywhere.
I had a deer go through my windshield.
The glass clean-up was invoiced at $850 and change.
The whole dash had to be taken apart and the entire HVAC system dismantled and cleaned out as the last thing I wanted was to run the heater full blast and have small shards of glass shoot me in the face.
Also, glass gets embedded in the leather interior where it has to be picked out with tweezers.
It's a messy job.

Matt said...

The $199 plus tax I paid to fix my passenger door window included cleanup. They got about 99% of it (I found a few stragglers a few months later when giving the car a spring cleaning). Either I got a great deal, or you folks are going to the wrong place for glass repair.

C.J. Smith said...

I just went where my insurance company told me to go.
If it had been out of pocket, well, that would have been a different story.

Doug R said...

Rental car for week, tow car to body shop, passenger side window damage repair (pulled on window and broke regulator in door), driver's side window damage replace repair, passenger seat damage rock used to scrape leather seats?? WTF??, cleanup, and don't forget HST it is over $1,500.

Traffic safety took pictures put me in touch with Durham police and they got me a tow 9 pm at night so they do care. But no camera working, no publicity about it to other people who park there makes me angry. But the douchebag who did this got me goin the most.

Report on and protect the GO lots. It could be you next time if ya don't.

Doug "Rock Paper Glass" GO Patriot

James said...

Matt the reason that you paid less is probably because your insurance company wasn't picking up the tab. And people wonder why our insurance rates are so high.

lswgirl13 said...

Tow and rental car for a week??? James - more reasons why our insurance rates are so high! The car was driveable and that work could be done in max, 2 days.

Anonymous said...

That sucks. I had that happen at a ttc lot once. However even if he cameras were working he police don't have the time to follow up on minor incidents like that. And it didn't cost me near that amount either. Me thinks there is some exaggeration going on here. Either way sorry for your luck Rental car for a week?? It doesn't take a week to replace a window. I didn't even get towed when that happened to me. Ya here was lots of glass but I had a big blanket In the trunk put that down and away I went. Actually now that I think about I my window got smashed twice in my little red Mustang. I miss that car.

Doug R said...

It takes 2 days for the claim adjuster to agree to claim. I am hoping the car is done on Monday as shop is closed on Sat. And you try drivin that car with glass shards up your arse at 10:00 pm at night. I mean glass was every where. And with rain and wind you drive the car in that condition. Our insurance rates are high because cowardly douchebags use a rock to smash window. Rates are high cause parking donkeys dont know how to park cars as the Clarkson station story points out. So I disagree car was not driveable and work could have been done in three days if insurance co got act together and approved in one day. Remember too both windows were damage along with passenger seat was torn up. Happened on Thursday night before a long weekend also.

Shirker said...

Doug, you don't have to justify or defend yourself. You're the victim here! We all pay a lot of money for insurance in the event shit happens. Why shouldn't you avail yourself of the coverage you've paid for?

C.J. Smith said...

More it's shit like this for why premiums have skyrocketed:

lswgirl13 said...

I agree that Doug is the victim, just sayin' that 1 week for minimal damage is waaaay too long. It's the body shops that stretch out the work forever so they can pad their bill.