Friday, February 10, 2012

The percentage of your foot covering the cushion does not matter. It's still on a seat

Me: Excuse me, please don't do that while I'm sitting here.

Leather jacket man: Sorry, what? (Pulls earbuds from his ears)

Me: Use this seat (me pointing) as a footstool.

Leather jacket man: It's just the top of my shoe. Get over it (sticks his earbuds back in and shuts his eyes).

Me: (Bag beatdown. Bag beatdown. Bag beatdown)

Later, at the Durham Regional Police holding cell ...

Note: the last part of this story is fiction.


Anonymous said...

Aerosol can blast to schnozz and eyes... "Its just the top part of the pepper spray - get over it"

Squiggles said...

lol Anon!

CJ, why did you have to leave the story there? I so wanted to know how it ends. Some where along the lines of you giving your statement because buddy got arrested for not following the bylaws.

lswgirl13 said...

I'm afraid it's a losing battle.

DF said...

You should have stuck your toes on his seat right at his crotch and said "it's only the top of my shoe". ;)

ExGOnowTTC said...

That's why you should carry around a large can of baked beans. Eat them, and then when someone does that, gas away. When he complains, say it's natural and he SHOULD GET OVER IT!

NN AKA HW said...

NEXT TIME ASK do you mind if i rest my toes on your lap - it is only part of my foot?

darcy mcdougal said...

I am going to do this action, and really, there is nothing you anal assholes can do about it. There really isn't any law against this. you may post bylaws, but seriously, you guys are being seriously anal.

I stumbled upon this site looking for something that actual sought out the troubles that GO transit is having, but all I found was a bunch of babies complaining about minor things, first world problems.

I firmly believe that transit only truly works when people are kind to each other and obey certain rules; however, this is taking steps that are too far in my books and I will not be visiting this site further.

It just seems like this site is a circle jerk of people not wanting their seats devirginzed. It is just a ride from point A to point B. And, it is relatively cheap.
Thank you very much.
Have a nice day.

NN :-) said...

Thank goodness you will not be back Darcy if you truly be believe it is anal for people to expect NOT TO SIT ON DIRTY SEATS, Those of you who think it is kind to put shoes on seats are plainly people with no sense of decorum or consideration.

purple rain said...

Thank god he won't be back. Last thing we need is a jerk with bad manners screwing up our attempt at solving the first world problems GO wishes we would all ignore so they can go about building snack bars in GO train washrooms, you know, the "real issues".

C.J. Smith said...

Others who arrive here, like Mr. McDougall, are welcome to start up a blog to address the hard-hitting GO issues. All I want is for jerks like him to keep their feet on the damn floor.

Understand? Good. Glad we had this chat.

Anonymous said...

Oh noes, someone got offended on the internets! Boo hoo hoooo!

"I firmly believe that transit only truly works when people are kind to each other and obey certain rules"

Hilarious! I guess being curtious to others by not putting feet on the seats they sit on isn't one of them. There goes all his credibility out the window.

Squiggles said...

Apparently Darcy is real. Read the remarks on the weekend, through an uncaffeinated haze and went "nope, not a real person".

But as an idiot, Darcy takes high marks. Especially with his/her remarks about being kind. It is kind to NOT put your DAMN FEET on the seats. It is kind because that way, someone's nicely covered ass isn't going to sit in the crap you left on the seat and therefore potentially ruining a pair of pants, a person's day because they now have to figure out what to change into once they get downtown and possibly their budget because they have to go and buy a new pair of pants.

Seriously, think things through before you blabber non-sense. Especially when trying to defend your obviously wrong opinion.