Friday, February 10, 2012

Some friendly advice for that other crazy train

from Dave R.

I'm a new reader to the blog (and love it, cause while I don't take GO very often, I practically live on the TTC), and thought I'd share my ettiquette encounters this morning.

1. There was a HUGE delay southbound from Sheppard, which creates the inevitable domino effect of packed trains. I finally got onto the fourth one that came in, and it was crush load, sardine-can PACKED. I was in the middle with nothing to hold on to, as were bunch of other people. We went ONE stop. This lady next to me starts to try to jostle past me (the train is so full that I can't actually lift my arms from my sides) and is all "Sorry, I need to hold on to something."

Yeah lady, we'd all like to hold on to something. Right now, I'm just rubbing up against this fellow next to me, cause frankly, THERE IS NOTHING TO HOLD ON TO. She made ALL these people readjust so that she could hold on... and then got off two stops later.

2. The guy I was rubbing up against? Insisting on reading the f*cking metro paper, with a massive shoulder bag. Come on people. Take off your bags. TAKE THEM OFF. Put them on your feet. And don't read the paper when the train is full. Just don't. Count the screws in the ceiling, hum a tune in your head, but make life easy for people.

3. Don't sit sideways in a fore/aft-facing seat. Just don't. Your bags and feet and shit are taking up space in the aisle. I reserve the right to rub my muddy boot all over your stuff/accidentally kick you every time the train shifts.

4. Finally, in this sardine can of a train, don't fart. It smelled like someone shat their pants. Hold it in, and crop-dust the platform at the next station, but do not fart on a packed train.

All of this, one commute, three trains.



Jenn said...

Great list. #4 made me laugh at my desk! Thanks for that!

James said...

#4 might be tough if you being squeezed that tightly... ;-) lol

Squiggles said...

When I took the subway, I would go North to go South. That way I could get a seat and/or get a handle to hold onto.

But crop dusting? Heehee! That got a giggle. And for those that do that, ugh. Wait until you get someplace you are alone. No one wants to smell that. Especially first thing in the morning.

lswgirl13 said...

You never know Dave R., you might just enjoy yourself if you rub up against the right person.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding me why I got off the TTC to begin with. I'd rather use the GO and walk the PATH.