Monday, February 20, 2012

I never understood it either ...

Students coming home from college on reading week. I appreciate that students take a lot of stuff back with them. However, travelling during rush hour on a train that dumps people off at Clarkson, so that they can get onto an express train from Union, is pretty much the dumbest thing I've ever seen.
And on top of that, some nice stranger saved a seat for me with her bag!

- Submitted by A. Johns via email


Harith said...

They take all their dirty laundry home so mommy can wash them.

They're just being classy about it by putting it into a big suitcase.

Anonymous said...

Hey man. When I was in college, there was no washing machine at my place and no laundromat. I hand-washed a LOT of clothes but definitely took advantage of my parents laundry machine when possible. Don't hate.

Vanessa said...

Is that all one person's luggage?!