Friday, October 1, 2010

Easy on the announcements, bro

Roger W. sent an email ( about the "doors not opening" announcements for Whitby. He writes:

Does anyone else think that the number of announcements from GO transit on the Union outbound train are ridiculous?
The number of times that the Whitby train cars not opening is announced while the train is stopped followed by an announcement upon leaving Union, followed by several other announcements. It seems like GO transit could simplify the message, make it shorter and make it more likely to be heard. Less is more in this case.
Dude, you totally have a point. People tune it out. What I enjoy are the ones who ride to Oshawa, having missed Whitby, all distraught - claiming they never heard the announcements. That's funny, considering how many times those poor customer service ambassadors have to say them.


RonNasty said...

Another shout out to Tom, the customer service guy! He'll just be finishing those announcements just as your reaching the next stop, then he'll start em over again. Way to go, Tommy!

TomW said...

Once after Union and once after Ajax should be sufficient.

Obvious question: what happens if you're deaf? You'd be screwed.

i'm hearing impaired said...

I completely agree with TomW. There are no signs on the train to inform those who can't hear announcements. GO Transit is way behind and should LEDs on board.

TomW said...

GO seems to think "accessability" only covers wheelchair users. If you have hearing or visual difficulties, there's nothing to help you.