Monday, October 25, 2010

Poop on the go

Friday night, Jill asked me "what that shit over there was" as she gestured towards a factory seen on the Lakeshore East line as it passes through the West Hill area of Scarborough.

I said, "Shit".

Really, it is.

You see that brown oblong pool in the lower right foreground of the first photo above? That's poop. A Hershey Jacuzzi waiting to be skimmed, boiled and treated at the Highland Creek WASTE TREATMENT plant.

Now you can truthfully tell people you see shit every day while on the LE train and mean it.

This coming winter, when you see the steam rising above this Lincoln log bath tub, you'll think of this post.

What always makes me shudder is the life preserver ring on a pole mounted to the fence on the platform of the turd pool.

Can you imagine falling into this?
No, never ever.


Anonymous said...

Well, this was interesting. I sleep the ride but I'll be sure to stay awake now!

C.J. Smith said...

You will?!

Oh goodies! Because I was so worried people would miss how uber fascinating this useless knowledge is.

Please come back and share your thoughts with us again as soon as you can!

Kelly said...

Holy crap (pun intended). I'm in tears laughing!

RonNasty said...

Try watching the film "The Magic Christian" with Peter Sellers. The film ending comes to mind here.

Anonymous said...

Of course... I read this while I'm eating....

The ketchup on my plate no longer looks quite as appetizing as it once did. >.<