Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tickets please

By far this is the most times in one month where the 7:53am train from Oshawa has been checked.

So this morning this woman hands over her 10-ride but didn't punch for this morning's commute. The only ID she offered up looked to be her security pass for work. She actually looked annoyed, complete with a "Bitch, please" expression. Like she was entitled to be forgiven for not punching so her ass could ride for free.

Hey, I get it. People forget. But don't act like that's your free pass to break the law. How about an "I'm sorry, I'll try to remember next time" coupled with some graciousness?

She actually sighed and feigned annoyance as she dug in her purse for her lame-ass excuse for ID.

A little politeness goes a long way. I think she blew it when she tried to convince the officer the only ID she had was her building security pass.

I couldn't tell if she got written up but I hope so.


Dan said...

From what I've seen, the GO-stappo usually stands beside them for 10 minutes writing up a ticket. Kind of embarrassing on a full train.

I witnessed this once at Bloor on a Georgetown train headed to Union. They took so long I don't think the other half of the car was even checked.

Marion said...

I understand that people legitimately forget but I love it when they bust cheap people. It is so exhilarating! But what I love more is when people pretend that they do not have ANY I.d. on them. You live in the 905. Chances are you have a driver's license. Or a credit card with your name on it in your wallet.

Dan that's so true. But they haven't been on the Georgetown line in a while (at least on my trains)