Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Can you feel the rhythm of the Jerry-Curl mullet?

I only worked half a day today due to complications with me and an old friend named 'Asthma'. Asthma and I go way back and every so often she likes to hang out, eat all my food, not leave and keep me up all night. Asthma decided I only needed to work til noon and then she and I took the 12:13pm to Oshawa.

At Ajax, this guy got on who looked just like El DeBarge, complete with pencil thin lipstache. I know, you're asking, who?! The best I can do is show you by video. El DeBarge was a brother and sister music group from the 80s. Dude on the train looked just like the lead singer.

If you can't youtube from work. Here's a photo of El DeBarge:

Source: Hollywood Snark


Fred said...

El Debarge was also Janet Jackson's first husband and urban legend says that Nicole Ritchie (Lionel's daughter) is El and Janet's daughter, conceived when Janet was 17. I believe everything I read on the internet.

C.J. Smith said...

Actually Fred, Janet was married to James DeBarge.

Anonymous said...

wikipedia says janet has a secret daughter named renee

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia, which resourceful and informative at times, ANYONE and their brother can edit or add info to wiki pages.... aka not very reliable!

kly said...

Does Janet Jackson ride the GO train.

No? Then shut the hell up already. Who cares?!

Anonymous said...

Did someone shit on your cornflakes today, Kly?