Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wake us up! Dammit.

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Dear people on the GO (you like that? thanks. I just made it up)

Every morning you see us, those of us who sleep on the train. We don't have to explain why we sleep on the train. We just do. Some of us actually fall into a deep sleep and we ask out of the goodness of your hearts that you poke us awake when we get to Union Station. Don't assume we're on our way to Aldershot, because many of us are not.

Yesterday I woke up at Mimico - completely disoriented. I can't believe not a single person in the quad with me, people I see EVERYDAY, did not think to wake me. I can understand if you don't recognize me but for God's sake, if I recognize you, then you recognize me!

Help a girl out, okay?



C.J. Smith said...

This makes for a good poll question. Thanks!

I'm sorry no one thought to poke you. I usually do.

Anonymous said...


I woke up in BARRIE last Wednesday night and was livid beyond belief. One, it was shit weather up there, and two, both schedules that were posted that I looked at for a BUS all the way back to Newmarket were inconsistent with the next one. So I thought I had missed the bus by 5 minutes. The other sign said there was one at 7 pm, which meant that I'd get home after 8!!
My pride meant too much to me to call my brother in law to drag himself and his 3 kids out in the heap of a snow mess.

Needless to say, was not impressed. I don't sit with regulars but I do sit on the same car The lady that woke me in Barrie sees me get off in Newmarket.

Was so glad to be home after that non-sense. For some reason, even if I nap for 5 minutes or 50 minutes on the GO, it's the deepest sleep I get but this was a whole new level, apparently.


Anonymous said...

why not just set an alarm on your phone to wake you 5 minutes before your scheduled arrival time?

Kaylaa Claudusz #Ajax said...

I did that once. It worked like a charm. Most cellphones have alarms. Might be a good idea for some people to try it. All you can do is hope your train/bus isn't early!

Anonymous said...

because I did anonymous, I do It would seem that I turned it off in my state of unconsciousness.